Mario Badescu Obsession

Holly is already really upset with me about this 😦

Because that one time that Ulta sent out a 20% off flyer, I went a little crazy.
Crazy for Mario!

Ulta is the only store that carries Mario Badescu products (minus department stores) that I know of (do you know of more??) so I used the 20% off on all Mario products.

Holly sent me in to buy her the Vitamin C serum, Special Healing Powder, and Silver Powder (for blackheads!)

I came back with that… and the following 😡

Enzyme Cleansing Gel , Aloe Cleansing Lotion, Aloe Moisturizer spf15, Seaweed Night Cream, Rose Hips Mask, and Cellufirm Drops.

Ulta is stingy with samples, they gave me that little container of the Super Collagen Mask sample in the back.

I’m gonna return the mask, I think, and  exchange the Enzyme Cleansing Gel for the Orange Cleansing Soap because this is super drying on my face. Maybe that Aloe Cleansing Lotion made it worse… I’m looking at you, Alpha-Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion, to try next.

Well that’s been my guilt… Just wait until we go to the Mario Badescu Spa/Store in NYC O____O
I think we’ll be having a big problem…financially and also it might be quite embarrassing XD




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