Let’s try Ba Le~


We decided we wanted to go try out that new bahnmi place next to Saint’s Alp in Chinatown so we went for a nice walk around the block~

Last time we went, they were closed! Who closes at 7pm?? So we went today instead! (By today I mean not today because I am slow to update :P)

When we got inside, I looked for Whitney because she was waiting for us already 😡 But she wasn’t inside! I don’t know how she missed us walking by… with my giant white puffy coat… on a nice sunny day XD

Here she is! 😀

We got some seats along the window so I spotted her right away! Whitney was super excited because she brought us “dinner”!

Here is our “dinner” -_______-

We went to look at the menu and Matt decided he wanted the ‘Lemongrass pork’ but I wanted that too! So he ordered the ‘BBQ pork’ instead.

His was better 😦 But they were both pretty good! And for only ~$4!

I liked the pickled veggies and the toasty bread! But the bread was so toasty it cut up my mouth a bit 😦 It cut me up about the same as Potbelly’s so it’s not too bad…

After eating our sandwiches, I really wanted to try the macarons (as Yan would know since I asked her about it :P) But they were $1.35 each! WHAT??? Bittersweet is $1.75 each! We decided to pool our spare change (mostly Whitney’s) and each get ONE. 

Look at all our change for the macarons in the background of this photo! (I liked the reflection of spring in Whitney’s iPod!)

“It’s on me, guys!” -Whitney

So I got the Passionfruit (to compare to Bittersweets :P), Matt got Mango and Whitney got Pistachio. Mine was THE TINIEST. It was like the size of a dollar coin -_____- and then Matt’s was the next smallest and then Whitney’s was the biggest.

I really didn’t like them. They were overpriced, irregularly sized and DRY. I would NOT recommend buying macarons at Ba Le. Mine was so stale and dry that it felt like I was trying to bite into styrofoam. The flavors weren’t very good either. They didn’t taste like the $0.40 more expensive Bittersweet fruity flavors. Instead mine had a soap-like sweetness to it. I didn’t think Matt or Whitney’s were good either, very cheaply made but so expensive still.

And mine was SO TINY! WTH?? I felt jipped. Good thing we used spare change to buy this and only got one each. It was not worth buying.

After that disappointment, Whitney found an outlet by our seats and charged her iPod LOL

So Ba Le has good sandwiches for cheap but BAD MACARONS, okay? You can go ahead and try them, but remember!! I told you so~~


PS- So many photos in this post! Sorry, it’s the photographer in me! 😛


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