What a surprise! I got a call from my mom while I was on the road the other day. She told me a package arrived! This was after I had JUST ordered some stuff for Holly and some other stuff from, mind you, so I was really shocked at how fast shipping was O___O

Turns out it wasn’t my packages 😦 But it was something better!

I received a package from TOMS Shoes! A little yellow bubble-wrap envelope. I was like What???? It turns out, Toms Shoes has a “One Day Without Shoes” Campaign organized for April 10th and for promotion, they sent me a FULL-SIZED ESSIE NAIL POLISH! 😀 It’s in the limited color ‘Barefoot in Blue‘.

Barefoot in Blue

Essie for Toms, 'Barefoot in Blue'

YAY! I LOVE Essie nail polishes, they’re my favorite (tiny brushes for my tiny fingernails)! So I was super excited when I opened the package 😀

I’ll wear it when it’s warmer out since it’s more of a spring color~

Thank you, Essie & Toms~




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