White Day!

This is not a post ON White Day but ABOUT how my White Day was spent.

We had class earlier but we can’t let a beautiful day go to waste, can we? So after, I had a lovely late lunch with Matthew at Bittersweet ♥

We each ordered sandwiches with fruit kebabs.

Matthew had a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar&mozzarella and portabello mushrooms; I had a ham sandwich. Haha, my sandwich sounds less fancy with my description but it had a fancy bread that I don’t know the name of and some other things in it that I don’t know either. So we’ll just leave it at ‘ham sandwich’ 😛

There was kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberry and pineapple on the fruit kebab! Such fancy fruits! Of course, they would need such fancy fruits for their fancy pastries 😀

I didn’t finish my sandwich to save room for dessert! We had two each of the strawberry&rhubarb and passion fruit macarons! Yumyum~

I hope you all had a wonderful White Day (or Pi Day) as well!



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