Friday Adventure

Yesterday, Matthew and I went on an adventure~

We went in search for some good Japanese ramen! We found a place that has supposedly good pork ramen. So after running some errands at the pet store (I stayed in the car to read ‘Catching Fire’) we were on our way to ramen!

…only we didn’t actually want any ramen 😛

Matthew's teriyaki chicken

We found a good parking spot 2-3 blocks away –according to Google Maps..but that always lies to me and Whitney on our adventures 😦 — then walked in search of the restaurant. We found it hiding next to a Chinese restaurant and opened the wooden doors to a cozy setting with a long sushi bar stretched to the restaurant’s length. I couldn’t really hear what the lady was saying, she spoke in such a quiet voice. I usually like to sit at booths but we got a seat near the door at a table for two, leaving the booth for larger groups.

If you stalk us on Facebook, you can see that MattMatt tagged us with a view behind me: the sushi bar.

The waitress goofed a little and sent tea to our table and our water to another–I secretly wanted tea though so good for me! 😀 The tea was… okay. I like Nori’s hot tea better (I’d rather pay $1.50 for the unlimited refills!).

Matthew was craving for teriyaki chicken and I had the tonkatsu!


It was nicely breaded&fried but was a little boring in taste for me… I wish I had some sauce to go with it.

seaweed salad!

After stuffing every bit of food into my belly, we decided to go steal some toilet time from Portillo’s 😛 (I drank a lot of tea and water!) We actually stayed for a strawberry custard sundae though, so it’s all good~


That is the end of our night, I hope you had a good Friday too! ADVENTURES FOR ALL! 😀



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