35mm B&W Film

I’ve been trying to be better about blogging and posting photos lately.
…I guess I need to try harder 😛

But I will be sending some film for processing soon! 😀 how exciting!

I’m not sure where I can get good processing and developing done in Chicago… I am just looking for somewhere that has people who actually care about my film -O- not just dumping it into a machine and popping it out however. I don’t want to pay a higher price for the same lack of love (Wolf Camera vs Walgreens) but I am not aware of any other options…

If anyone knows, please let me in on the secrets!

I’m not a hipster photography lame-o (although, totally cool if you are…I just don’t like the weird atmosphere brought by being the only non-hipster photo kid in the store O_O) if that’s what you’re wondering… I just like to take pictures… and I had a roll of black and white film …that I got ON SALE!!! 😀

Off to the Googles and Yelps for searching~



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