Thank you my best buddy!

This post is dedicated to WHITNEY!!
Because she made me watch an AWFUL video…well it wasn’t COMPLETELY awful, it was just a waste of my personal life.
And actually it was TWO videos!

So when we went shopping at Jewel for her crazy ticket game addiction, she bought me this on sale! (30% whoo~) …as compensation 😀

From top: Benefit benetint, Revlon Just Bitten in 'Flame' and 'Victorian'

It’s the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in ‘Flame’.
This is actually my 2nd one; my first was in the color ‘Victorian’ which was a nice darker version of my natural lip color! (But my lips actually have very low pigmentation 😦 I’ve been sickly looking since birth! >O< ) But ‘Flame’ was my first color of choice; I really liked how orangey-red it looked in the little squares that show you the color. They didn’t have it the first time I went, so I got ‘Victorian’ instead.

‘Flame’ is a LOVELY color~

This is 'FLAME'. (Excuse my little tooth peeking out there! :P)

But BE CAREFUL! If you don’t draw it on (it’s a marker) well, it’s noticeable! My sister pointed it out at dinner 😦
As a stain, I’d say it lasts pretty well! It even works well through dinners and CAKE and TEA! But if you put on lip balms like Burt’s Bees, the balm can really eat away at the stain and lift it off your lips! :O

It is an awesome&convenient line of lip stains. More so that the nail-polish-type brush of the benetint.

I haven’t tried the other similar types, but I have gone through half a bottle of Benefit benetint~ The wear is about the same. The most important thing is that it stays on naturally so my lack-of-pigment goes by UNNOTICED! 😀




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