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Last night Matt, Whitney and I went to the opening weekend of the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights! 😀

We walked around from 6:30-9:00 (closing time) and looked at ALL the pretty lights and danced and sang to the music~

It was colder than we wanted it to be… but luckily there was free hot apple cider and hot chocolate! When we first got there, the lady at the entrance gate handed us some cardboard glasses and a sheet of paper (that Matt later explains was the map for where the wine was D: ) When you wear the glasses, you see all the bokeh of the lights as SNOWFLAKES! We walked around and first found the apple cider.

Waiting for our free cider 🙂

The cider/hot cocoa tent was sponsored by Keurig and the man in charge let me punch the top into the little individual cups and press the button to start it. The cider kept our hands warm until it cooled down so we were able to drink it. …considering the price of the machine and the price of the little flavoured drink cups for the machine, it was not very delicious of a cider.. oh well! IT WAS FREE AND HOT! We took some photoshoots by the Mini Coopers that were parked all around because they sponsored the ZooLights 😀 THANK YOU MINI COOPER! (And ComEd and Charter One and Motorola and Pepsi and United and LITE FM 93.9) Also the spotlights helped me with shutter-speed so I enjoyed the beautiful light for taking photos 😛

Mini Coopers all over the place!

We went to see the apes sleeping, the giraffe SNEEZE Get-up from laying down then have his light shut for sleeping time, watched the tiger sleep and then wake up for a bit, watched the fish sleep too, and donated my change for the conservation of the wild apes!

Whitney copying the ape's sleeping position 😛

I donated $1.93 of spare change!

We were at the Cinderella’s-carriage looking thing and OUR SONG CAME ON! So we danced and sang along 😛

Sparkly ball 노래방 😛

For dinner, we went to Aloha Eats and Whitney and I shared a combo bbq platter; she ate the cabbage and I ate the macaroni salad. Then she took Matt’s cabbage home for lunch! I hope your lunch was delicious, Whitney!

Hope everyone is having a splendid start of the holiday season! Keep warm and be happy~

Click for full beauty~

OUR SONG~ (Click for full beauty~)


PS- (I wish I had a low-light lens to better capture the beauty but enjoy my hard work at trying!)

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