Pocahontas, my idol.

When I was little, Pocahontas was my idol. I remember watching the Disney animated film and wanting to be just like her. I wanted to be strong, confident and fierce like she was. Apart from the mental characteristics, I wanted to physically be like her as well.

That is why I practiced my swift, silent predator gliding 😀 I think I have become pretty good at distributing my weight accordingly to the surface. (What a fancy way to say that I was very good at sneaking around :P) I longed to achieve the grace that Pocahontas possessed; showcased when she hid from John Smith upon Meeko’s first encounter with those delicious crackers.

I also took to running like Pocahontas. I would race the other kids and imagine my hair flowing like Pocahontas’s did, with the colors of the wind entwining every strand. Of course it didn’t actually flow like hers did…my hair was cut short 😦


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