Busy Birdy

Today we went to get my brother’s TUXEDO for prom. I just wanted to NAP!

Earlier in the day, I had to supervise (aka-clean-up) preschool kids while they dug for “dinosaur bones/fossils” in boxes of dirt. They kept the area pretty clean.. but the amount that got out was still a lot of work. I had to help the little boys wash their hands and arms and fingernails! I guess kids can’t see dirt??

And then came the clay.

We were making imprint fossils… and they got the clay all over the ONE TABLE we had them work at. Good thing it was only one table. And only 9 kids today. Otherwise I’d still be there! But I guess then I wouldn’t have lost my glasses on the train home -O-;;

Afterwards we went to the tuxedo place–MENS WAREHOUSE, You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

And we got lost trying to get home. It was HILARIOUS! and not 😦 I didn’t have my vision aids so I couldn’t really help my poor mother get onto the 94 back home. “I think we go there….” as we pass the street/turn <– that happened at every one of the 5-6 intersections in a sort of pentagon shape… so sad. It’s because I am a CTA train rider, you see. With that in mind, we got home early–it would’ve taken another hour on the CTA!

But too late for me to do any homework before going to babysit.

BUT early enough that I got to see this bird in the nest it made in our front door LOL!

Enjoy the photos~

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