Projects (personal and not)


I thought I’d post with a happier mindset this time, rather than my unhappy-tired-depressed-art-student self. So recently I’ve been working hard on some more personal projects. But–art student self has to butt in to say–there isn’t enough time in a day! :O And my work ethic SUCKS. I like to PLOW STRAIGHT THROUGH a project without stopping until it is exactly how I want it. I don’t work well in groups sometimes because of this 😦

But these projects haven’t been well predicted enough for me to do that. So this time, I had to stumbled about for about 5 hours each day; most of the time was spent on contemplating how to go about it 😛

Now one has been improperly half-completed and is in PHASE TWO (in a deep and scary-serious voice with echos and doom). Phase 2 is when it’s mock-up was made and is now in the true materials and other stuff but it still needs modifications/improvements/clarity.

Sadly, many of my projects like to vacation in this zone a bit.

“We’ll see.” I said this a lot when taking fisheye (film) photos with my friends since the camera wasn’t good at picking up light and there is no instant playback like on digicams. But we WILL see, won’t we? If I share my finished works, I hope we are not wrinkly old people and only have my projects left 😦

My school projects on the other hand… they MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN TWO WEEKS! :O I would love to say that I hop right to it and tackled that tall mountain. I change my mind throughout the entire process. Sometimes it’ll be a color change and sometimes it’ll be an idea change T___T I am either too undecisive or I just take a long while to decide–aren’t those options the same thing, though?

Optimistically, I will get more thoughts thought out without leading to more thoughts and/or tangent thoughts and MORE SLEEP!



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