I think my dream has always been to be a kpop star… but I am a lazy person 😡

A couple weeks ago, I recorded a video for the MBC Audition on Youtube… well I recorded like maybe a hundred?? :O
It was a surprisingly FRUSTRATING process. I thought I’d be mostly nervous because I’ve never really recorded a lot of my singing let alone a VIDEO of it. But I got over the nerves about 3-4 videos in and started becoming annoyed with it. Not surprisingly, I kind of hate Park Bom’s “You and I” now xD

I attempted several songs for the audition video 😀 I tried “Heartbreaker” (GD), “하루하루 (Ordinary Day)”  (BoA), “별별별 (☆★☆)” (소녀시대), “오빠나빠” (소녀시대), “사랑은 아야야” (2NE1)…etc?? SO MANY VIDEOS! haha maybe I will post those one day… but another story for another time.

SO!! MBC was gonna pick the top 50 people! They only picked 35 and I wasn’t one of them 😦

But here is the video; let me know what you think 😀


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